Preface According to the development of the language, Gladitz and the neighbouring villages seem to have a difference in their generally used dialects. In my opinion, the reason is the geographical location of our village between Sachsen and Thueringen, and the membership to Sachsen-Anhalt itself. So you can see that the dialect is influenced by the neighbouring dialects, and mixtures can develop easily. It is astonishing that pronunciation is completely different in the village of Treemz (Trebnitz) about 3 kilometres away, especially pronunciation of vowels. The vowels are stretched, more like the Sachsen dialect than the Sachsen-Anhalt one. (By the way, the linguists are now arguing which adjective is suitable: Sachsen- Anhaltinisch or Sachsen-Anhaltisch. At the moment Anhaltisch is preferred). Today's younger generation hardly knows any of the words I have collected. They prefer to use modern expressions, often typical English ones. The aim of this book shall be to keep these words and phrases in the minds of the next generations. Of course, according to the pronunciation, the Saxon dialect plays the most important role.