Education in Gladitz The founding of the Gladitz school dates back to the time of reformation. In a report of 1575 we read that.... " a man called Levin von Breesen started to build up a new vicarage and also gave the place to build a new school." The number 1571 can be read over the door to the house and we are sure that the buildings were built at this time. Notes about all the teachers exist from 1578. In 1807 a new school was built. (see photo German page "Schule") In the consequences of a developing industry and agriculture, especially mining, the number of inhabitants increased steadily, another new school building was soon necessary. It was opened in 1910. From this time on our little village had two schoolbuildings with two teachers.   After the war teaching was started again but in a very simple way.  There were small schools existing in the neighbouring villages and that's why the local authorities wanted to create a new school in a more central location for all the four parts of our community. The most suitable building to start this kind of school was in the village of Gladitz the former landowner's house . Teaching started in 1957 for pupils from class 1 to 8. The pupils of class 9 and 10 had to attend a school in the neighbouring villages of Kretzschau and the town of Osterfeld.   Education was ensured in our little village for pupils from the 1st to the 8th class until 1985. Then the number of classes was reduced and only the primary education (classes 1-4) was left. Administratively the school was integrated within the school in the neighbouring village of Kretzschau.  The Gladitz school was closed in 1994 for economic reasons caused by a further drop of children.
new school building
school building, used until 1994
first school building