The village Gladitz was mentioned for the first time in 1042 . Settlers from a Slavian tribe called Sorbs probably founded the village. The name originally used, "Gladousi", is of Sorb origin and is supposed to mean  of a "village near the woods" (Kladus). Otherwise the Slavian origin of "gladkij =gladkii could be possible as well.. The name changed over the centuries as follows: 1042  Gladousi        1272  Gladus     1227  Gladuz 1238  Gladicz           1458  Gladis      1565  Glasisz 1600 Glasitz Today´s spelling dates back to 1816. The dialect spoken in our village prefers the pronounciation  "Glaahstz". The  "secret" coat of arms of our village is the "little grey man", having his origin in a fairy tale. Once upon a time there was a big stone in a small forest called "Astenberg" located between Gladitz and its neighbouring village Hollsteitz. A little grey man was supposed to live there. Several people were said to have seen him at midnight. The little man was a goblin who was playing all kind of tricks and nonsense on people, crossing the forest at midnight. He frightened them, jumped onto their back, was taken piggyback, pulled their hair and pinched their ears. He did it as long as the "victims" had arrived their homes because he never crossed a threshold. He then let the victims go and disappeared into the forest again.